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7 Tips for presenting your home for sale

Posted on Thu 05 Jul 2018 by Maddy Swann
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Are you looking to sell your home but unsure where to start?

Where have you heard, ‘you only have one chance to make a good first impression’. This is so important when you have decided to sell your home.With more and more buyers checking on the internet for their next home be it that they are downsizing or upsizing, the first few clicks on a particular property can make or break their decision to view or not.

So as you will note photographs are very important in the process of selling your home, however, if your home is cluttered, dark, untidy with objects lying around the house, that left up washing in the sink, no photograph will make it look like a show home.

Your trusted estate agent should guide you in the right direction as they should be the eyes of your potential buyer.

Some people just have a knack of blending colours and objects whilst others just buy what they like and don’t feel the need to ‘blend’, whichever it is, it is home, your home.

If you feel you need inspiration why not visit new show homes, they tend to trend on the favourite colours, wallpapers and furniture.  We are by no means suggesting you go to these lengths but you may find ideas for your new home.

So all this means is that both you and your agent need to be proactive and maximise the best way of promoting your home by achieving the best photographs as possible.

Here are our seven top tips for getting your home ready to put to the open market:
  • Odours – This is very important as some smells can turn a potential off your property within seconds (as all they want to do is leave).  Some say to have coffee brewing, or bread making, I would suggest a nice air freshner, not too strong or maybe a room spray just before they are about to arrive.
  • Do those odd jobs –  you have been meaning to do, fill in any chips in walls, woodwork, roof tiles and that dripping tap.  A  good advice would be to re do any mouldy grout both in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Depending on how long you have been at your property, double glazing only has a certain shelf life and you might find that some of the glass inserts may have started going cloudy.  You may want to replace (just the inserts, not the whole frame) or this could be reflected in the price if need be.
  • Please place excess books, toys and any furniture you might feel clutters your rooms but don’t place them in the loft or garage as these places may be somewhere your potential buyer may want to view.
  • You don’t need to re-decorate your home however, if you have been adventurous with bold colours you may want to soften a couple of walls as this may even brighten the room up and shows it to it’s best advantage.  De personalise your rooms, maybe remove some of those loved family photographs, you could pack them away ready for your move.
  • Impress your buyers with some style and accessorise your bed linen, you could set the table for a dinner party, lighting is also important so refrain from putting on the main light and maybe dress your rooms with table lamps and a nice touch would be to have flowers in certain rooms.  If you display your towels in the bathroom add a splash with some fluffy towels.
  • Finally clean thoroughly both inside and one we tend to forget outside, maybe that patio needs a spruce, make sure your windows are cleaned both inside and out, look out for those cobwebs inside and definitely out.  The first thing your potential buyer will see is your front garden and door, so make sure this is presented to it’s best, that the door is clean and that the door bell works!

We feel that these few guidelines will help you to appeal to a larger number of buyers and it will minimise negative feedback.

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