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 Top tips for a smooth moving in day

Posted on Thu 09 Mar 2017 by Anu Joshi
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 Top tips for a smooth moving in day

The day had finally come – moving day, fantastic! But boy, is it hard work, packing all those boxes, and then unpacking the other end. Facing up to hordes of junk that has been gathering dust, having to go through all the boxes in the garage that are still there from the last time you moved.

I think decluttering is good for the soul, it makes you feel a little ‘lighter’, but we all do it, bury our heads…. out of sight out of mind, until the time comes when it just must be dealt with – like on moving day (or hopefully the weeks prior to moving day).

Now, there’s an easy answer to this – just take it with you (not recommended). However, whatever you decide here’s a few tips that may help:

Tip 1 – get in the removal men.

It’s another expense but you’ve just got to weigh up what your time is worth. Do you really need the hassle of moving all worldly goods yourself?

Removal companies take all this hard work away on a very busy day; they have invaluable experience and can really give good pointers about the best way of packing and moving. It will save you heaps of time so you can think about other tasks you must do.

Tip 2 – think ahead

Make a list of all the tasks that need completing, note the time you think this will take and assign a task owner. Think about packing – what are you going to pack together? What do you need most? Put the small things you need most in the car with you and make sure you label each box on multiple sides of the box. A ‘Sharpie’ pen is good for this – it’ll write on a most surfaces, including plastics. Once you get to your new home you will know exactly where each box will need to go.

Make sure you keep any screws and fittings for items you have dismantled and put them into a sandwich bag. Securely tape them to the furniture so all the bits are together when you come to reassemble.

Tip 3 – think practical

You may want to indulge yourself in your new property when you arrive and but not wanting to sound like a party pooper – there are a few practical things you might want to think about first.

Are all the fixtures and fittings you expected to be there actually there? Check against the agreed fixtures and fitting list, this is an ideal time when the place is empty and no clutter in the way.

Take meter readings, make sure you know what gas, electric and water you have used

Pack some spare lightbulbs in that essentials box you take in your car, you don’t want to get there and struggle with light, especially if its winter. Moving can take longer than planned and you don’t want to be fumbling round in the dark trying to find the kettle or toilet paper!

Tip 4 – protect surfaces

Moving can be dirty, muddy work. Going in and out of houses and gardens, picking up a load of mud on the way. Put flat packed cardboard boxes down to protect your floors, these can be used on tables and worktops also. Carpets are best covered with dust sheets or buy plastic sheets, you can pick them up cheap enough at most DIY stores. The cheap ones can be bit fly away so make sure you weigh them down to avoid trips and falls.

Tip 5 – bring furniture in first

You don’t want to be moving boxes out the way so you can make room for furniture. Plus, you can use furniture to put boxes on and unpack into.

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