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Autumn is just around the corner

Posted on Thu 06 Sep 2018 by Anu Joshi
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As we head into Autumn/September, it’s the time of year where the children go back to school, new students attend University and our daily routine starts all over again. We’ve enjoyed the sunshine, had our holidays and we’ve had the chance to catch up with life but what about your home? As the daily routine is getting under way, many people may start thinking of what they are looking forward to or even what next year holds. If you are serious about selling before Christmas, now is the time to put your property on the market, as it will take around 12 weeks for a sale to complete, just in time for Christmas.

What can we expect in Autumn?

Autumn is the time where we see the nights drawing in, beautiful golden crisp colours appear, and the leaves start to fall. It’s a lovely time to sell your home as you can really sell the cosy feel and what your home has to offer.

Things to remember

During the season of Autumn, here are from Austins a few tips to remember when selling your home. It will help maximise your viewings and achieve a sale more quickly.

  • Day Light – Try to arrange viewings within day light periods to allow them to see your house in the best light. Compliment your home by adding soft lights such as lamps or candles to add that cosy feel, especially as the day light starts to disappear.
  • Exterior – As the leaves start to fall and the weather begins to turn, debris may build up in the guttering and around your house. Therefore, its worth checking all the guttering and clearing any leaves, that lead up to the property, to keep that tidy and a good first impression.
  • Home Sweet Home – Embrace your cosy home, this is what people want to see, if they can see your home is cosy and lived in then they will be able to picture themselves at ‘home’ in your home!

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