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Follow our Top 5 Tips to increase viewings at your property

Posted on Fri 08 Sep 2017 by Anu Joshi
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The ‘For Sale’ Board is standing outside and your home is now live in the online world. However viewings have been few and far between. When your home is first listed the estate agent will have a database of clients who have signed up to their mailing list. This means that when a new property is added to the market, those people will receive a mail shot. It may take at least a few days to get the word out, but it shouldn’t be too long as emails will be read and viewings arranged. Once this has been done, the hype of the property may seem low. However follow out top 5 tips to increase viewings at your property:

  1. Open Viewing – This could be considered if your home has been on the market for a few months and interest has been particularly low. Our advice is to liaise with your estate agent and make sure you arrange this early.  We advise that the estate agent is present whilst it takes place as you may just have quite a number of people turn up – with flexibility appealing to the masses. Make sure your estate agent markets this type of appointment to maximise the viewing opportunity.
  2. Decoration – When a viewing takes place it’s easy to forget that changing the colour of the walls or removing wallpaper can happen when the new occupant moves in. However, bright bold and daring colours can be off putting and this can jeopardise a sale.  It may seem dramatic, but this can be the one difference that doesn’t sell your property. Our advice is to go neutral. Just one room painted with magnolia could make all the difference, as it appeals to buyers who want to just move in!
  3. Declutter – Decluttering your home will help maximise your space and will allow people to not only picture where their belongings will live, but also the potential the property offers. By only having a few photographs on display, the home will still feel lived in but it allows the person viewing to see it as a house and an opportunity. By decluttering, it will also allow you to become organised with packing up your belongings to move to your new home.
  4. Get Talking –You will be amazed at how talking to your neighbours, friends or work colleagues will spread the word about your property being For Sale. There is always somebody that knows of somebody else who has a connection. Whether they are moving for the first time or need to move quickly. Sometimes just talking can be the ticket to a viewing being booked.
  5. Viewing Feedback – It is very important that after every viewing that has taken place, the estate agent will call or email you with feedback from the prospective buyers. Even if they don’t want to make an offer, their feedback could be the key to a sale in the future. They may mention that the decoration or clutter was too much for them and they wouldn’t want to attempt it on this occasion. People may comment that the unfinished repairs to electrical sockets or to curtain poles etc. was off-putting and felt that they would need to repair, before moving in properly. Therefore, it’s really important to make sure your estate agent gets the feedback for you as it is useful knowledge to analyse. It allows you to build a picture of what people are saying, and you will start to see a pattern forming. After all, this could be the difference between a viewing and an offer!

Getting viewings and people interested in your property can take its time but with a local property expert, like the team at Austins, your viewings will be the main priority! It will be a journey for you, but it will be one to remember for all the right reasons!

For further help and advice please contact myself here at Austin’ Estate Agents on 01902 244200 or alternatively I would love to hear from you and help in any way that I can.

Good luck with your viewings!