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Keeping your garden healthy during a heatwave

Posted on Wed 11 Jul 2018 by Anu Joshi
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As we have now entered our fourth week into the heatwave, most of us still can’t believe the beautiful yet stuffy weather that we have. We have now mastered the method on keeping our homes cool as they can be, but what about our garden? You may have noticed that our gardens are starting to cry out for water and not to mention the scorched yellow grass. Although the garden looks amazing, with bright yellow sunlight beaming across our lawn. We still need to maintain the garden in this hot weather!

We’ve thought of a few simple tricks on how to keep your garden healthy and happy during this long period of sunshine:
  • Soil – As the sun continues to warm the soil, it’s at risk of completely drying out and cracking. Not to mention your plants losing their water source. By placing Mulch on your borders, this will lock moisture in! You can also add mulch to your potted plants as this will keep them happy too.
  • Shade – If you have pots around the garden, it’s a good idea to move them into a shady spot in the garden as this will protect them from the sun. Therefore this will stop the sun from scorching them! If they are too heavy to move, place shade netting over them, this will protect them from the sun’s rays.
  • Wildlife – If you have regular visitors to your garden, such as birds and hedgehogs. They will appreciate a little saucer of water left in a shady spot. If you leave sugar water outside aswell, bees will really appreciate this, as it helps revive them when they are exhausted.  They will be feeling the heat aswell! If you have a bird bath, this will be great for our furry friends to take a dip and keep cool!
  • Watering – It may seem odd but it’s worth watering your plants only when it is cool and when they are not in direct sunlight. The best time to water the garden is first thing in the morning or last thing at night, once the sun has gone down.

If your garden looks happy and healthy, this will help your viewings if you are looking to sell! If potential buyers can see that the garden is looked after, this will be in your favour! To keep up to date with the team and the latest properties, please visit our Facebook page here.