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Make way for Spring in your Home – Our Top 4 Tips

Posted on Thu 12 Apr 2018 by Anu Joshi
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It may be raining in Wolverhampton but there is a wave of warmth starting to come our way! Traditionally, it’s that’s time of year where our homes get a good spring clean and a clear out. We’ve put together our top 4 tips on what to clean in your home this spring, you might be surprised!


1. Appliances

It’s worth giving your washing machine and dishwasher a clean every month to keep it smelling fresh and working smoothly. You can buy special cleaning packs that are effective after one hot wash, keeping your machine dirt and germ free. TIP: After cleaning your dishwasher, add a hanging freshener to the draw to keep your machine smelling fresh wash after wash.


2. Cabinets

Your cabinets are used constantly and over time dirt and germs can build up, it’s worth using a cleaner and freshening them up, it will make a huge difference. No more finger marks to be seen!


3. Fridge

There may be spillages or marks left over from time to time. It’s worth using anti-bacterial wipes and giving each shelf and compartment a good wipe. Drying it with kitchen roll after will allow it to shine! TIP: Add a fridge freshener to capture any nasty food smells!


4. Hoover

There’s nothing better than a good hoover around the home, this is the perfect time to give all those hard to reach places a good clean! Start with behind/under the beds, behind the television and around the edges of the rooms. Finish it with a hoover down the sofa, you might even find some loose change!  TIP: Use a smaller attachment on your hoover to really get the dust out of the carpet edges.


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