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Opening the door to a new chapter

Posted on Sat 06 Jan 2018 by Anu Joshi
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A Very Happy New Year to you from all the team at Austins! Have you got many New Year Resolutions? Perhaps one of them is to finally move house and make that change or perhaps it’s time to declutter?

A New Year for many, means a new start and a chance to make your dreams come true, so let’s embrace it!

For everybody, just getting an idea of how much your home is worth is a step in the right direction. Austins provide a FREE Online Valuation tool called ValPal, it’s very easy to complete and you will receive your valuation within 60 seconds, how quick is that! Not only does Valpal provide you with a minimum and maximum figure for sales but it also provides you with a rental figure. Therefore this will give you an idea of what your home could achieve for rental purposes. Maybe your resolution for 2018 is to become a landlord or a property investor? Let Austins start your journey. Valpal can be accessed right here!

Time to Declutter For Sale or for the Greater Good?

Decluttering your home may feel slightly worrying to begin with, however the satisfying feeling when your’re able to open that cupboard and not have the mop dress your head is worth it! Decluttering will allow you to start on the right path, your home feels a lot more structured and organised, and an organised home helps you have an organised mind. You may even feel energised and ready to take on the world!

Decluttering your home now, also has another benefit. It allows your home to be ready for a potential sale! It will save you so much time in the long run by organising and sorting out your belongings now. Here are our top tips on how to declutter your home For Sale or for that refreshed New Year feeling:

  1. Start with one room at a time – You need to pace yourself! You may have quite a few rooms each with their own hoarding space. Therefore tackling one room at a time will give you a more satisfied feeling and will ensure that each room is finished completely.
  2. Locate Important Paperwork – It’s always a good idea to locate and sort important files for your home so you know where they are and they are safe. Not having original copies may cause unnecessary stress getting them replaced. This will also prepare your home For Sale as any estate agent or solicitor will be grateful to have these documents to hand such as EPC and the deeds of the house. Locating who holds the deeds will also save so much time in the long run. By having all these documents in one safe place, this will give you peace of mind!

       3.  Rearrange the room – Make the most out of the space and simplify the look. Whether you are selling or just want to make the room more spacious, moving furniture around may give the room that fresh new look.

Hot Tip > When viewers attend a property, they like to see all four corners of the room, this generally gives them a feel of how spacious the room is, it also allows them to picture what potential the room has. By placing furniture or bulky items into corners it deceives the eye on how big the room actually is. If you have furniture that you no longer want or use than many charities will provide a  free  collection for their charity shops, where it will be sold, a great act of kindness!

Most of all, enjoy sorting through your belongings and reminiscing through the past. Either way, decluttering to make space or For Sale will set your New Year on the right path.