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Questions to ask whilst viewing a property For Sale

Posted on Wed 21 Feb 2018 by Anu Joshi
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The day has finally arrive, yes it’s time to view the house that you’ve been waiting for! You are probably feeling a mix of excitement and butterflies, this is totally normal! It’s important to remember to get as much information as you can, from the viewing. Here is our checklist on what to ask the vendor/agent when you are attending a viewing. Making sure that you tick all of the boxes!

 1.    How long have they lived there?

Get as much background as possible. This will help you to build a picture of why they are moving and tells you how long they have been in this area. It will allow you to understand the community and get a feel for the street.

 2. Why are they moving – Is there an upward chain?

This is possibly one of the most important questions. If you start to love the house that you are viewing, then knowing why they want to leave, is crucial. It may be relocating for commuting to work or want to move near to family. It’s always better to ask as you can start to build a picture of the situation which can help with your potential offer.

3. What are the neighbours like?

This question is very common and you can understand why, even solicitors ask if there are any neighbouring issues. Buyers want to know who they will be living next door to and what the general feel of the neighbourhood is. Therefore you can ask the question. By knowing this, it will help you shape your decision after the viewing has ended. The key to a viewing is to get as much information as possible, whilst viewing the actual property.


4. Bills

Getting to know the council tax, electricity and gas for the property, is good information. Try to get a rough figure, it won’t make a huge decision on whether you make an offer. However it’s good to know what expenses you will need to pay on a monthly basis on your potential new home. This will allow you to plan out. How much your bills would be roughly and if you could comfortably afford the house.

5. How old is the boiler?

It’s important to know how old the boiler is, its last service and if it has a guarantee. The boiler is like the heart of the home, if it breaks or isn’t working properly, then the heating and water can be affected! This will also give you an idea of the efficiency of the property, does the property hold the heat well and does the heating system work well in the house. The estate agent will have a copy of the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) which will also confirm this.