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Should you list your home over Christmas?

Posted on Wed 06 Dec 2017 by Anu Joshi
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It’s that time of year again already, the frosty nights have started, the tree is down from the loft and the smell of warm cinnamon fills every room. Yes it’s Christmas! It’s such a lovely season in any home, families are brought together and homes are transformed into enchanted rooms, full of sparkle.

The Build up to Christmas 

At this time of year, it can be difficult to start thinking about what your goals for 2018 are; a career change or perhaps a house move. Is there a set time to move in the year? Is it best to wait until the New Year? Well I believe either is absolutely fine. Although it’s Christmas the property search websites such as Rightmove or Zoopla don’t stop, neither do the online valuation tools such as our own Valpal. If anything, this time of year is perfect to plan your 2018 and allows yourself to decide what’s best for yourself and your family. I would suggest that if you have decided to move house in early January, than get your home valued by an estate agent in November/December. It can be quieter in these months as many families are getting ready for the Christmas rush. Therefore getting an agent in now, may be more flexible and this is a great opportunity to find out what your home is worth, helping you make a decision if not already done so!

Viewings over Christmas

Viewings in November and December are still prominent and buyers aren’t put off viewing houses in this busy period. If your home is decorated with beautiful lights and a lovely Christmas tree, I would say that buyers won’t be put off by the decoration, if anything it will enhance the homely feel and reflect the homes personal touch.

Should I list my house now?

In my opinion, there’s no harm in starting the proceedings ready for your home to be marketed For Sale. My advice would be if you are serious about selling your home or you want to know its value for a potential sale next year, now is the time to get your home valued, as it is much quieter and will clarify questions that you may have.

Once the agent has visited your home and given you a full valuation, you will now know where you are the on the market. The agent can start the Sale Particulars, Floorplan, Room measurements and arrange an EPC if needed. These documents are required to get your home ready for availability. The photos can be left until the New Year once the festive decorations have been packed away for another year. This is because photos showing your home with decorations won’t look professional when you come to sell in the New Year. It will also make presentation of your advert look outdated. Therefore to sell or not to sell the choice is yours, whatever the season!

Most of all have a fantastic Christmas whether you decide to stay or move on to a new adventure!