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Things to do before you sell your property– The Facts

Posted on Fri 22 Sep 2017 by Anu Joshi
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The selling process, seems daunting right? It is a big process and it looks scary now but it can be smoothly done. Austins believe that getting your property ready right from the word go will achieve this. What things can you do before you sell your property? This is a common query that we get asked and we love to answer it. Firstly take a deep breath!

Should I attempt any DIY?

After selling my property recently, I also asked the same question and you will be amazed at what jobs you find yourself doing! From finishing painting, filling in old picture hook holes and getting that cracked tile replaced, was just the start for me. However I think the most important factor is to view each room and try to remember when you were buying and what you were looking for. For example is there mould in the corners? It’s always best to get this treated and painted as you don’t want potential buyer thinking there is damp problem. Although it’s normal to see a bit of mould its better to keep on top of it, as it might be enough to put them off.


Personally, any documentation that you have for your property, is absolutely vital. Especially from when you bought the house originally, including any certificates or warranties. These are valuable to you and they might be needed further down the line. Although daunting, it is a good idea to start collecting these in one place so you are ready when the estate agent asks if you have this and that. It might seem like a pain at the start, but honestly it will be so worth it and you will sparkle to potential buyers that you have it under control, even if you are screaming inside!. [TIP] It’s worth finding out who holds the title deeds of your property, this is usually the mortgage lender or land registry, but finding this out before you sell, will help your solicitor save time. This applies to Freehold and Leasehold properties, leasehold have more documentation such as, a copy of the lease and managing agent. These details will be needed at some point, so save yourself time in the long run and attack that pile of papers, you can do it!

What is an EPC?

EPC stands for Energy Performance Certificate, it represents your homes energy efficiencyrating. It ranges from A which is excellent, going to G which is the poorest result. It is a legal requirement to have a valid EPC when you sell your home and once completed, it is valid for ten years. A big factor that affects the EPC rating are the windows. If they aren’t double glazed, this will have a big effect on the rating and potential buyers will pick up on this. Now is the time to have the windows replaced. It will help with the selling of your home. [TIP] Cavity wall insulation is another added bonus as this will trap the heat in and entice a buyer in! You can find out more information and check your EPC through the Government’s website here.


Ok, this is where it will start to feel a bit more real! It will feel like a stranger having a nosey round, however the estate agents job is to find the positives with your property, but most importantly, it’s how the valuation is conducted. Do you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident? Then that’s the agent you have to choose, they are representing your property and have a service to provide, whilst creating a friendly relationship and being there for you. It is your decision and it has to feel right for you.  We recommend getting three valuations from different estate agents, so you can get a feel for the agents.

GreenTeam at Austins

The sales team at Austins are driven, committed and trustworthy. We come as a pair and have a great relationship, we double team each sale meaning you have both of us to help you through our sales process, smoothly! Having gone through a sale recently, I understand what the vendor needs and what needs to be improved. If you would like to chat about anything mentioned today, then please don’t hesitate to contact Rachel or Maddy at the office on 01902 244200, or alternatively email us.