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Get your garden summer ready

Posted on Wed 23 May 2018 by Anu Joshi
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There’s nothing better than relaxing in the warmth and comfort of your garden. To make the most out of your garden this summer, start getting get it ready for you, your friends and family to enjoy. There’s a few simple steps that you can do, to get the love back into your garden.

  • Lawn – As the weather continues to stay warm, the grass will love this and it will continue to grow! If you regularly mow the lawn and sprinkle lawn feed, this will really boost the colour and the health of the grass, making its appearance irresistible.
  • Furniture – If you have furniture stored away keeping dry in the shed, it’s worth giving it a quick wipe down to reveal its former gleaming self. If it’s time to update your garden and buy a complete new set, then there’s plenty of great garden furniture out there with beautiful designs that will lift any garden.
  • Tidying up – Giving the garden an overall tidy up will do wonders to its presentation. De weeding all of the flower beds will allow the flowers to bloom. This will give it a tidier appearance. Removing any stray pebbles, twigs or leaves from the patio area will give it a cleaner look. Freshen it up, by giving it a good scrub with a broom and outdoor friendly cleaner
  • Lighting – To make your garden cosy, bring the indoors outdoors! Bring your favourite cushions and rugs outside and relax in style. Add lighting to create a peaceful ambience, use solar powered lights as they are environmental friendly. The sun gives them a fantastic glow. There are so many designs out there to choose from, from animal themes to single stem lanterns which can line a garden path, creating a beautiful garden paradise.


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