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How to Embrace your Hallway

Posted on Thu 19 Jul 2018 by Anu Joshi
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Does your Hallway get used a lot? I thought so! 

In our homes, the hallway is probably one of the most used spaces. It’s a very busy area where you and your family are constantly coming and going. There is alot of traffic here and it can be difficult to keep it neat and tidy. Hallways are often used as a dumping ground, usually coats, shoes and loose change are left here, once we arrive home. If you are looking to sell your property, the hallway can give a lasting impression of the house, it’s an area that you really want to get right, to show its true potential. Here’s just a few tips on how to maximise your hallway!

  • Lighten up – If you have a small or narrow hallway, its best to avoid bold colours. As this may make the hallway appear dark and it will make the room look smaller. By using light colours such as duck egg blue or magnolia, this will make the room brighter and give it an airy feel.
  • Feature – Why not add a feature in the hallway? You could add a runner in the middle of the stairs to create a statement. This is simple but effective, which may get you remembered on viewings! If you don’t want to use a runner, you could use paint instead and create a statement look.
  • Clutter free – It may be worth organising your belongings in this space and watching out for any overloading of items. Often coats and shoes are dumped in this area and may not be used often. If you have a coat hook or a show stack, make sure there are only 2-3 coats on the hook and a few pairs of shoes as this will show that this area can be useful and effective in everyday living.

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