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How to keep your home cool through summer

Posted on Mon 18 Jun 2018 by Anu Joshi
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As the sunshine continues to shine across Wolverhampton, summer is well and truly here! Although the sunshine is lovely throughout the day, it can be uncomfortable in your home. If your home has cavity wall insulation, it is doing its job really well and keeping your home insulated. It will hold the heat all day long therefore, we have picked our top tips on how to make your home cool during the summer months.

  1. Blackout Curtains

The blackout curtains are great for stopping any light coming through. They are perfect for blocking the sunlight and it’s worth having the curtains drawn in your bedroom, during the day as this will prevent any sunlight entering the room. Once the sun sets, you can draw them back and open the window and it should be nice and cool for sleep. The breeze should also provide a cool temperature.

  1. Doors

It may be tempting to keep certain areas of the house closed off where the sun is hitting, however by keeping all of the internal doors open it allows the air to flow around the house. As the evening approaches and the sun sets, cooler air will begin to flow through the home so it’s a good idea to open the windows, to feel the benefit of that cool breeze.

  1. Fans

Osculating fans are a great way to keep yourself and your home cool. A useful tip to maximise this is to have a bowl of ice in front of the fan, so when is blows the air it will be cold from the ice and not warm from the air that’s already in the room.

  1. Cooking

There’s nothing worse than having to face the oven when it’s warm and muggy. The oven will often heat most of the house, which traps the heat inside therefore it’s much better to use the grill instead as it gives off less heat.

Have you got any other tips on keeping your home cool?

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