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Our Top Seven Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Posted on Tue 14 Mar 2017 by Anu Joshi
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Our Top Seven Tips to Sell Your House Fast

There can be various reasons why someone would want to speed a sale up. Maybe you have been on the market for longer than you thought you would be? Maybe you have found your dream house and quickly need to find a buyer for yours? Whatever your reason, here are our top tips to help move your sale along:

Get in your buyer’s mindset – to help sell your home you need to get in the mindset of your potential buyers. Try and take an objective view of your home, detach yourself from your house and try and put yourself in their shoes. How would your buyer look at your home? What improvements would they possibly require? How can you make it more attractive to them? Once you get under their skin, you can really start to identify what areas of your home are attractive to your potential buyer so you can accentuate these features. It can also help you highlight the not so attractive areas and aid you focus your energy into improving these.

First impressions – people often drive buy a house first before viewing. Boost your kerb appeal as much as you can. Ensure that lawns are trim and neat, flower beds are free of weeds, paths are swept, bins are hidden and rubbish is picked up. Why not give your front door a lick of paint? Maybe add some bay trees in nice pots either side of the door? All this can add to the appeal and the lure of ‘what’s behind the door?’.

Smell fresh – smells evoke all kinds of feelings and emotions. They can be positive and negative, pleasant or repulsive. Make sure your home smells sweet!  Clean your carpets, change the bedding, air the house – especially in stinky teenager bedrooms. Put out fresh flowers, light scented candles, brew some fresh coffee, bake bread – or you could cheat and get those parbaked rolls, you still get the nice smell but with minimum. Make your home inviting to your viewer so they want to stay and not run out the door!

Beware of the dog – not everyone likes pets, as much as you may love your fluffy little friend it is always a good idea to get them out of the way when you have viewings. Ask a friend or relative if they could take them for a walk or hire a dog walker. Hide all the pet paraphernalia – toys, leads, beds, so that the clutter doesn’t distract the viewer.

Don’t emotionally unload – whatever the reason for you selling, don’t burden your viewer with this. Talking about your hardship can really add a negative air to your viewer’s experience. Don’t be fooled into thinking they maybe more likely to buy if they understood your position, if anything it could put them off. Talking about debt, death or divorce or whatever your reason, could result in them walking away in a negative frame of mind and never wanting to return! Don’t make it heavy, make the experience light and enjoyable for them.

Get rid of the clutter – clutter is so off putting to a viewer; some people just can’t see passed it. It makes your home seem smaller and gives the impression of it generally being messy, disorganised and uncared for. Be ruthless, work through your clutter – do you really need it? If you do need to keep hold but do not have the room for it, think about putting it into storage. Getting rid of the clutter will show off your house to its best, with more space and is less distracting for the viewer.

Let there be light! Putting in a bit of effort to make your home light, bright and airy can really help you to sell quicker. Ensure walls are decorated neutrally or with pastel hues. Add mirrors, clean and shine so everything sparkles and light is reflected around the rooms. Ensure curtains and blinds are pushed back as far as they will go so as much light as possible can fill the room.

Get the experts in – sometimes it is difficult to be objective about your own home. Some people are good at this and others are just too attached; they may have lived in their home for the last twenty years, they absolutely love their wacky décor and just can’t see how it’s not everyone’s taste!  If you need help and an impartial view, why not get in touch. We can help you determine how saleable your home is and offer advice and guidance to help sell it quicker.

If you would like our help then just get in touch, email anu@austinsestateagents.co.uk or call 01902 244200, we’d love to hear from you.

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