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Top 6 tips to get your home ready for viewings – Checklist

Posted on Thu 11 Jan 2018 by Anu Joshi
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Every home has now been restored to its original glory, Christmas decorations and party poopers have been cleared away for another year. Where did 2017 go? If you are thinking of moving house, now is the time to make your mark.

Once you have instructed an estate agent it’s time to get your home ready for a new occupier, starting with the viewings!

  1. Declutter – By decluttering and minimising your belongings in your home, it will allow the viewer to see how big each room is. Therefore showing the homes full potential. Sometimes less is more and if the viewers can see space this will allow them to picture themselves living there, this is the ultimate goal. Don’t forget that you can have your personal belongings and photos on display but only minimal, this will represent personality and show that your home is lived in and loved!
  2. Don’t forget the exterior – First impressions are so important. Most viewers will visit the area before the viewing to get a feel for the community. The viewing on your home will start as soon as they enter the street, therefore making sure that the exterior is tidy such as having the grass cut and hedges trimmed. This will show that your home is loved and looked after.
  3. Temperature – It’s important to get your home looking nice right? But what about how your home feels? Not only are viewers looking at every room for its potential but they want to feel warm and have that cosy home feeling. Make sure that your heating is on low to maintain a warm homely feel. This will also allow viewers to feel the benefits of the energy performance.
  4. Let the light in – When viewers tour your home they want to see that the space is light and airy, creating a large interior. Make sure that the blinds are open and curtains are tied back! Light is certainly key and will make your viewers feel right at home.
  5. Windowsills – Make sure that they are clean, white and bright! Viewers are more than likely to look outside and will inspect the frame checking for any mould or damp. It’s a good idea to remove any dead insects and check for mould and apply sealant if it is old and marked.
  6. Pets – Although you love your pets and they make your home. They can be off putting to a potential buyer, especially dogs as some people have a fear of them. This could create a lasting negative effect on your home. Our advice is to ask a neighbour or friend, to have your dog whilst the viewing takes place. Get a friend to visit your home before the viewng, to see if the house has a dog smell. This again can be off putting to some people, therefore remove any potential problems before the viewing.

If you would like further viewing advice or you just want to ask a question. Contact our friendly sales team Rachel or Maddy on 01902 244200 or email anytime!