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What is home staging, and how does it sell houses?

Posted on Thu 09 Mar 2017 by Anu Joshi
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What is home staging, and how does it sell houses?

You may have heard us Estate Agents talk about home staging and how it helps sell your home. So, what’s all the fuss about?

The purpose of home staging is to style and prepare your home in a way that appeals to buyers. A home stager will not seek to update the house itself, this would be classed as refurbishment or renovation work.  Home staging works with the best bits of your home and uses certain ‘props’ to highlight these features.

The home stager casts an objective eye over your property and adds little touches here and there so that your home appeals to more potential buyers.  Naturally, this can be hard for you to do yourself as you may be too caught up in your own home to see things objectively or you may not have the eye for this kind of thing or indeed time.

Home staging helps sell houses by visually selling a lifestyle that the property can offer.  It taps into the emotions of the potential buyers, their dreams, and aspirations and makes it easier for them to buy into this lifestyle. Through this, they are more likely to fall in love with your property.

Whilst home staging is essential for viewings; staging your home can really make your photography pop.  Considering so many people look at online listings first before viewing, the right staging and the right photography can really make your home stand out on screen. Staging optimizes your home and shows it off to its full potential. This can shine through in the photographs and really draw viewers in.

What can I do myself?

Here are our five top tips to stage your property on a budget:

1.    Declutter – less is more when it comes to selling your home, potential viewers want to see what your home is like without clutter in the way. Clutter can make a room look smaller and generally uninviting. This includes bulky furniture, try and put it into storage if you can.

2.    Spruce up your home – deep clean, remove or replace anything tatty and worn, get those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off done and where needed freshen walls with a lick of light coloured paint.

3.    Accessorise – cushions and throws are an easy way of adding texture and colour. Invest in some new, fresh bedding.  Add a bit of luxury to your bathroom with some fluffy towels and nice toiletries. Create ambience by adding some lighting and candles. Add vases full of flowers to your rooms for colour and fragrance.

4.    Let in the light – make your house as light and airy as you can, open blinds, pull back curtains all the way. Scrub and polish so surfaces shine and reflect light around the room.

5.    Don’t neglect outside – declutter, spruce and tidy outside also. Curb appeal counts for a lot and you need to make the right first impression.

Staging your home can be a daunting task.  Austin’s would love to help talk you through this, and advise how you can maximize your home’s appeal, sell quicker and for more money.

If you don’t fancy this yourself, home staging is one of the services that Austin’s offer. We can help you through this process and take the hassle away from you to get you moving quicker.

If you want to know more about this service just drop us a line on 01902 244200 or email us at  info@austinsestateagents.co.uk, we would love to hear from you.