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What’s it really like to sell your house?

Posted on Fri 11 Aug 2017 by Anu Joshi
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Selling your house is probably one of the most talked about topics that I have frequently with my friends, colleagues and family. It’s such a fulfilling and interesting journey, where you can never be certain what’s actually going to happen, especially from my own experience. For myself, yes the process is stressful, and people say that this is one of the most stressful things to do in your lifetime. I can see why now. It’s a lot of decision making, thinking outside the box and negotiating with the buyer as well as the solicitors, surveyors and estate agents. I imagine most people will experience this at some point in their life.

After owning my apartment for over two years, it was time to upscale. From working fulltime and saving for the deposit, I wanted a bigger space, a lovely garden and to be back in my hometown of Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. I love Wolverhampton, it’s part of the black country and is well known for the black country accent and passion for the community.

The process itself relies on just one word in my experience, communication. Communication is key in the moving house process as it will make it smooth as possible and will help move the process along. Selling your home can be very stressful but so rewarding when it happens.


So who’s heard of that dreadful phrase of ‘fall through’?  I know that phrase and I heard it many times, three times to be exact. It’s a daunting phrase to hear but by bringing the positives from it and seeing what you can improve, it will allow you to see forward and finally get that sale, at the right price. I always asked why has it fallen through now? they seemed to love it at first! That is probably the case! However circumstances can change and I respect that.

Over the 15 viewings that I had at my home, I had learnt to get in the mind set of ‘viewing mode’ and even learnt some handy tips and tricks.

My tips to help sell your home effectvely are:

  1.        Baking cupcakes – The smell of chocolate sponge and home cooking allows people to ‘feel’ at home and at ease when in the property. It generally creates a talking point and creates a happy atmosphere, while also rumbling stomachs! What’s better than a homemade chocolate cake with a cup of tea!
  2.        Don’t over tidy – Yes it might seem an odd thing to say. However in my experience over tidying can put people off as it looks more like a showroom than a home. Leave the post on the side, leave the dishes on the draining board, people want to see it!
  3.        Lighting – I switched every bulb on in my house. I know how strange is that! However when people viewed each room, they were blown away by the size of each room and it creates a showroom effect but still keeps it home sweet home!
  4.        Host – That’s right, you become the host of the home for half an hour. It’s your job to boost the home, why it’s worth it to live here. Knowing the amenities that surround you is key, even the bus route nearby and how often it runs, could appeal to a public transport commuter! Don’t forget being inviting and friendly will also reflect your home and they will remember you for that and maybe even leave feedback, which is crucial.
  5.        Using Social Media – I found this really useful in shouting out to people that my apartment a mile from the busy town centre was for sale with appliances included. What could be more tempting?  I created a Twitter account as my home, and tweeted photos and videos of the area, showing what a lovely place it is to live.  With daily hashtags and estate agents also tweeting, there is a hidden opportunity to get your house noticed, fast. It also allows you to have some fun during the viewing process!
  6.        Music – At first I wasn’t sure what the music really did when people come to view, it just seemed old fashioned and slightly out of date. However, being a Spotify member I create my own playlists to suit my mood day by day. On Spotify you could make a playlist to sell your house with generic homely music such as Buble, David Gray etc. Make sure you are clever about the songs you pick and appeal to a variety of people. Use songs from different decades in order to trigger those family memories through the years that people cherish, it will make them feel more at home!

With all that said, my apartment has now been sold subject to contract, third time lucky you may say! At times this journey has been stressful, emotional and hard wearing. I can honestly say that looking back, it’s been a rollercoaster but I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have  learnt a great deal about myself,  by gaining confidence with people and presenting myself. As this journey ends another one begins finding a house in Wolverhampton and making that my home.

To chat about my tips, ask for advice if you just want to talk about moving house, please do get in touch I would love to talk!